Membership Using PayPal

We have two types of memberships:

1) Internet, where you read the Notes and the Journal on our website, and
2) Regular, where you receive a message when the Notes and Journal have been put online.

All members, both Internet and Regular, choose a user name and password when they register so they may access the Members' Only Section, which contains past copies of the Notes, the Journal and the Webinars.

The rates for Survivorship memberships have held steady for quite a while, and are on a sliding scale from $75.00.  The memberships are per year. As costs for mailing and duplicating go up, we hope that some of you will be able to help out by increasing your membership contribution. If you cannot do so, you are definitely welcome to continue at your current rate.

We suggest that health-care professionals contribute $35.00 toward gift memberships.

Thank you for helping us to help the survivor community.

Please note: We are all volunteers. Thank you for your patience.

Fees and discounts for all memberships

Sliding Scale Fee $75 - $0
Please choose a fee option below.


To Donate to Survivorship Using PayPal

Donations are so much a part of helping survivors.

If you wish to donate to Survivorship, you may donate any amount you wish by clicking this button. If you are a professional, we suggest you donate $30.00 to help with gift memberships.



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