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These web pages are listed for your information only. None are meant to take the place of professional help. This section on healing resources is a work in process. If you know of a page that you think is helpful, or if you would like to add a category, please write info@survivorship.org.

Ritual Abuse website links can be found here.

Survivorship BlogSurvivorship's blog is at https://survivorshipwp.wordpress.com

Survivorship on TwitterSurvivorship on Twitter: https://twitter.com/Survivorshiporg


Addictions Treatment

A comprehensive addiction treatment directory. Get help with drug addiction treatment, alcoholism or mental health disorders: www.treatment4addiction.com

Adjunctive Healing Modalities

The Tapas Acupressure Technique A technique to release traumatic stress/pain. Home page: https://www.tat-intl.com/ Actual steps: https://www.tat-intl.com/2005-01TATsteps.pdf
Emotional Freedom Technique (two different pages) https://www.mercola.com/forms/eftcourse2.htm and https://www.emofree.com/

Alcohol and Drug Addiction Recovery

Alcoholics Anonymous https://www.alcoholics-anonymous.org/
Narcotics Anonymous www.na.org/
The Hills Treatment Center www.thehillscenter.com/drug-rehab/

Art in Healing

A Canadian artist and therapist brings the community togther to make a monument to child abuse survivors. https://www.irvingstudios.com/child_abuse_survivor_monument/index.html
Survivors Art Foundation  Publicity for artists in the visual arts, music, crafts and performing arts. https://www.survivorsartfoundation.org/
Trauma and Art  http://www.trauma-art-alexandritonya.com/?lang=en

Polyvore. On-line collaging. Nor just for fashion -- there is a survivor's group. Instructions: www.polyvore.com/cgi/clipper, www.polyvore.com

Body Work

Sundown Healing Arts. Body work for trauma survivors. https://www.traumahealed.com


Sidran Institute publishes books on healing from incest and offers referrals and resources across the country. https://www.sidran.org


Stop CSA - Our mission is to expose and stop Child Sexual Abuse (CSA) and to help survivors heal worldwide. https://www.stopcsa.org/


Melody Beattie.  Her website has information about her books (Codependent No More, Beyond Codependency, and a daily reader, The Language of Letting Go)  She gives writing workshops now too. www.melodybeattie.com
Al-Anon and Alateen www.al-anon-alateen.org/
ACOA (Adult Children of Alcoholics) www.adultchildren.org
CODA (Codependents Anonymous) www.coda.org

Daily Housekeeping Tips

Housekeeping Tips for Less Stress https://stress.about.com/od/managetimeorganize/a/housekeeping.htm
Housekeeping Channel: Better, Faster, Healthier housekeeping https://www.housekeepingchannel.com/searches_housekeeping_tips
FLYlady Hysterical. You absolutely have to see it! https://www.flylady.net/

DID Resources

Labyrinth of People About three hundred articles on all sorts of topics., focussed on daily living. https://members.cox.net/lop1/

Domestic Violence

The National Council on Identity Policy (NCIDP) https://NCIDPolicy.org

Eating Disorders

Something Fishy: Hundreds of resources for people with anorexia, bulimia, compulsive overeating, or binge eating disorder. https://www.somethingfishy.org
OA (Overeaters Anonymous) https://www.oa.org
Association of Professionals Treating Eating Disorders (APTED) designed to support prevention of and recovery from eating disorders http://www.aptedsf.com/

Emotional Abuse

Check out the rest of Andrew Vachss' site The Zero. It's incredible. https://www.vachss.com/av_dispatches/disp_9408_a.html
Growing Beyond Emotional Abuse: Resources for Healing the Scars. https://www.webheights.net/GrowingbeyondEmotionalAbuse/


Healing Journey. Resources for coming to grips with the effects of human evil. https://healingjourney.us.com

Food Addiction Recovery

Food Addicts in Recovery Anonymous-FA is a 12-step program of recovery for anyone who suffers from overeating, under eating, bulimia, or obsession with food, weight or body size.  There are no dues or fees, and meetings are open to anyone who wants to stop eating addictively.


Bully On Line Extensive resources for all forms of bullying and harassment.
Electronic Monitoring and Harassment Defense Foundation https://emhdf.com/


LGBT Health Channel Extensive information, with forums. https://www.lgbthealthchannel.com
People with a History The history of lesbians, gay men, bisexuals and transgendered people, with discussions and hundreds of original texts. All periods and all regions of the world. https://www.fordham.edu/halsall/pwh/index.html


1 In 6 Jim Hopper's site for men who were sexually abused in childhood. Hotline, excellent articles, sections for survivors, family, partners and friends. https://www.1in6.org/

Male Survivor: Discussion boards and chat rooms for professionals and survivors, find a therapist or support, other resources.

Next Step Counseling: Bibliography, many resource links. (international)


Mike Skinner is a musician and an activist who talks and sings about recovery from abuse, trauma, and mental health mistreatment. www.survivingspirit.com and www.mskinnermusic.com

Pregnancy and Parenting

Keep Kids Healthy A general parenting guide, with links. https://www.keepkidshealthy.com
Rape-Related Pregnancy and Pregnancy Loss A very comprehensive web site with information, resources, personal stories and literally thousands of links. https://pregnancypages.webs.com/

Prostitution/Pornography Recovery

Lola Greene Baldwin Foundation for Recovery: Excellent, empowering essays, resources for prostitution survivors and their allies. https://www.prostitutionrecovery.org

Self Injury

"Self-injury: You are NOT the only one." A very complete and practical site - even has information on first aid. https://www.palace.net/~llama/psych/injury.html
SIARI (Self-Injury and Related Issues): www.selfinjurysupport.org.uk

Sexual Abuse Recovery

Let Go...Let Peace Come In Foundation Personal stories, articles, many links, where to get help. https://www.letgoletpeacecomein.org/
Stop CSA - Our mission is to expose and stop Child Sexual Abuse (CSA) and to help survivors heal worldwide. https://www.stopcsa.org/
Survivors Can Thrive has suggestions for being good to yourself. https://www.survivorscanthrive.com
Survivors of Incest Anonymous:
A Twelve-Step approach to healing. Meetings called “Nothing Too Heavy to Share” welcome RA survivors. https://www.siawso.org/
Survivors Healing Center:
A Santa Cruz, CA based organization with resources for men and women survivors. https://www.survivorshealingcenter.org
ASCA Meetings and resources for adult survivors of sexual abuse. https://www.ascasupport.org/
Beauty Out of Ashes - Support Group For Sexual Abuse Survivors


Inspiration for all denominations. https://thegoodnessoflife.com/


Suicide: Read this first. A personal, non-shaming approach to suicidality. https://www.metanoia.org/suicide/

Support Forums

Pandora's Aquarium Moderated Message Board and Chat Room: https://pandys.org/forums/
Online collages
Abuse Survivors Learning to Thrive:
Fort Refuge
Multiple Treasures: Christian Forum for DID
Castle by the Lake


David Baldwin's Trauma Information Pages." Hundreds and hundreds of very useful resources on trauma of all types. https://www.trauma-pages.com
A place of safety, community and nurturing for women suffering from severe childhood trauma.  http://soulrestorationministries.com/

Treatment Centers

Intensive Trauma Therapy, Inc.
Outpatient treatment for PTSD and Dissociation.
(one and two week programs)
314 Scott Ave., Morgantown, WV
Phone: 304-291-2912
Email: info@traumatherapy.us
Website: www.traumatherapy.us

River Oaks Hospital
1525 River Oaks Road, West New Orleans, LA 70123
Phone: (504) 734-1740, 800-366-1740
FAX 504-733-7020

Sheppard-Pratt Trauma Disorders Service
(Richard Loewenstein, MD, Medical Director)
6501 N. Charles Street, Baltimore, MD 21285
Phone: 410-938-5000
E-mail: info@sheppardpratt.org

Two Rivers Psychiatric Hospital
(Masters and Johnson Trauma and Dissociative Disorders Program)
5121 Raytown Road, Kansas City, Missouri 64133
Phone: 816-356-5688, 800-225-8577
Email: www.tworivershospital.com/contactus.asp
Website: www.tworivershospital.com/


Handling your Psychiatric Disability in Work and School https://www.bu.edu/cpr/jobschool/


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