Guidelines for Submission of Prose, Poetry, and Art to Survivorship

Articles that we choose for publication may be personal and/or social commentary.

Stories of successful survivorship are inspiring examples we like to share with others -- earning a living, going to school, applying for a job, interacting with survivor and non-survivor friends, health issues, gender and sexuality issues, etc. Articles about the particular effect of abuse are also welcome.

Historical, political or philosophical themes are good topics, as are commentaries on present events. We are interested in ideas of ethics, character, and society as they are effected by systems of abuse. Book, video, movie, and exhibit reviews are great. Remember to include information about publisher, artists, availability, price, etc.

Each Quarterly usually has two to five articles on a particular theme; the other articles are on a variety of subjects. Your article may not appear for several issues for these reasons.

General Information

We really prefer article submissions by e-mail, because then we don't have to retype the material and there is less chance for errors. We only accept Microsoft Word file formats or text typed into an e-mail. Please send material to

Include the name you wish to us to use, an e-address or postal address where we can reach you, and two to four sentences of biographical material.

Print out the form below and send one signed copy with your submission of prose, poetry, or art.

Poetry and Artwork

When you proof your poetry, be especially attentive to punctuation, capitalization, and spacing.

Please send good quality photocopies or black and white photographs of artwork. Send art submissions with a stiff backing and mark the envelope: DO NOT BEND. If you send photos and want them returned, include a self-addressed, stamped envelope and a note requesting return. Please do not send originals.

Copyright Information

You keep the copyright of your original work and give Survivorship the right to publish it in their newsletters, reprints of newsletters, and on the Internet. If somebody wants to reprint an article from Survivorship, they must ask you, not us. In order to publish your work, we need you to sign and return the permission form below.

Here is how the law differentiates: "Copyright in each separate contribution to a collective work is distinct from copyright in the collective work as a whole, and vests initially in the author of the contribution. In the absence of an express transfer of the copyright or of any rights under it, the owner of copyright in the collective work is presumed to have acquired only the privilege of reproducing and distributing the contribution as part of that particular collective work, any revision of that collective work, and any collective work in the same series."

If you are quoting from other peoples' copyrighted work not in the public domain, include references and copyright information from your source. If your quote is lengthy, we need to ask permission for publication. There is, however, a "fair use" provision of copyright law which allows certain limited quotes for the purposes of criticism, analysis, and news reporting. In these cases you can borrow up to 300 words of prose, unless the original work is so short that 300 words constitutes a too substantial portion of the original.

Song lyrics or poems are specifically exempted from this fair use provision, however, so you must report your source and get permission for reprinting copyrighted material. Even with public domain material, include credit information.

Libel Issues

Survivorship publishes material that deals with the dynamics of abuse and recovery. We do not identify perpetrators or groups of perpetrators. Please be aware that we cannot risk litigation. A good guideline to remember is that if a party is defamed and identifiable, the material is libelous, according to law. As regards "fair comment and criticism," which we do wish to include, the material in question must be an evaluation, opinion, or appraisal, not a statement of fact. The facts upon which your opinion is based, however, must be stated, and the opinion expressed without malice. (Malice, meaning spite or desire to do damage, is differentiated from anger, which is acceptable).


We edit to make grammar and punctuation fairly consistent between articles. We also edit for length and to make pieces fit the layout.

We know that some survivors, due to being dissociative, may have trouble with sequence, tense and coherent organization of thoughts. Your ideas are the part that is invaluable; the form can be worked with until your ideas come through clearly. Nothing will be published until you are happy with it.

If you have any questions, please contact us at or

881 Alma Real Drive Ste 311
Pacific Palisades, CA 90272

Permission to Publish

If you are submitting an article, poem, or artwork to the Journal, please fill out the form below and e-mail it to You may, rather than e-mailing the form, mail it to the address below. Print out one copy for your records.

If you have any questions, please contact us at

881 Alma Real Drive Ste 311
Pacific Palisades, CA 90272

Title of piece________________________________________________
Pen name or name of author:___________________________________
Address: ___________________________________________________
City _______________________________________________________
State _____________________________Zip______________________
e-mail _____________________________________________________

Has this piece been published before? Yes ____ No ____
If so, when and where? _______________________________________
If already published, do you still own copyright to this piece? ____ Yes ____ No

This piece is my own original work and I own the copyright to it. By signing this document, I retain the copyright and grant Survivorship the right to publish it in the Journal or Survivorship Notes and reprint it in both hard copy and electronic form.
I also give Survivorship the right to publish it in the public section of the website ( ____ Yes ____ No

I hereby indemnify and hold harmless Survivorship and any person or entity connected with it against any legal action brought because of the publication of this piece.

Signature: ___________________________________________________
Date: _______________________________________________________

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